Little Free Libraries

One of our ongoing efforts is to purchase and install Little Free Libraries in New York City. So far, we’ve installed five libraries at NYHCA locations in Queens (as well as a library at a community fridge and one at a Brooklyn public school) ensuring that our neighbors have 24/7 access to free books. These libraries allow the community to donate books from their own collections, sharing them with friends and strangers. Future libraries will go to more NYCHA residences, community fridges, and other locations in underserved neighborhoods. Your donation goes toward the libraries, posts, planters, shipping costs, and books to fill them with.

When we initially fill up each library, we prioritize kids, middle-grade, and young adult books written by people of color. It’s important to amplify these voices—and it’s important for kids to see themselves in a story. We also prioritize books about anti-racism, Black liberation, and prison/police abolition. We believe in education, not incarceration; we fully support defunding the police and reinvesting in education and community programs.

Aside from donating funds, you can help by sharing the GoFundMe, connecting us with areas that could use a library, or donating books by BIPOC and books in languages other than English. You can check out our donation wishlist here and send books directly to the Astoria Food Pantry. Feel free to message us or email us at with any questions.

Our Current Libraries: