Our Library

The Rolling Library slows down our outdoor events in the winter but we still have hundreds and hundreds of books available for free! We’re open for browsing at the Astoria Food Pantry every Monday night, 6-7:30pm. You can also claim books ahead of time by “shopping” in our “online store” and then just dropping in on Mondays to pick ’em up.

Some notes:
– We are located at 25-82 Steinway Street in Astoria. We cannot ship any books.

– There is no limit on how many books you can take, but remember these books are for all and to leave some for your neighbors.

– We will only hold books for two weeks before they’re back on the shelf. If you need more time, email us and we’ll figure it out!

– We have far more books on location than we do on the website, so feel free to browse while you pick up your selections.

– That said, the only books we have available are the ones on our shelves and we don’t keep a database of titles.

– The only book donations we’re accepting at this time are ones for our 2021 book drive for Rikers Island. We will not accept any others.

– However, we would LOVE it if you dropped off donations for the Astoria Food Pantry! Especially: cooking oil, menstrual pads, diapers, cereal, coffee, Fresh Direct bags, etc.

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